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Appengine Testing With Travis and Nose

In this post I’m gonna talk about how to automate the testing of your github repo with travis.org, if you are using google appengine for your application.

Setting up your travis account and the repository

go to travis.org and login with your github account. Magic. in no time you will be done. Follow the wonderful getting started guide or go straight to the task:

  • go to your accounts in travis, and enable the repo of the app you want

  • create a .travis.yml in the root of your repo, and add something like this python example

  • commit to github and travis will start the first build (that will most likely fail, dont worry ;) )

Adapting for appengine

add something like this to your .travis.yml:

# to fix the dependencies with appengine
- wget https://storage.googleapis.com/appengine-sdks/featured/google_appengine_1.9.6.zip -nv
# old version: - wget https://googleappengine.googlecode.com/files/google_appengine_1.8.9.zip -nv
- unzip -q google_appengine_1.9.6.zip

I leave you both kind of links for reference. The old is for appengine untill 1.8.9.

That way, the libraries will be just right there for the testing. Then, you can also do other tasks with travis, like uploading automaticly to appengine if the build is successful, etc. The power of travis is quite awesome.